XIX Annual International Specialised Exhibition "Safety and Labour Protection - 2015" was held in December 2015 in exhibition hall No.75 of the VDNH. More than 300 exhibition participants, including scientific-research institutions, occupied over 11000 sq.m of the hall surface, that had all the modern necessary commodities, including large space cafes.

30 foreign companies from 18 countries were represented at the exhibition. Most of them have already requested participation in the exhibition of 2015.

In parallel with the exhibition in the same hall there were held: seminar on efficiency of PPE, round tables on the use of PPE to prevent burns, protection in emergency situations and introduction of self regulation principles to PPE market.

There was also a competition organized under slogan "Protected - means healthy" where 21 companies participated with the presentation of 75 models of safety wear and PPE .

More than 23 000 OSH specialists/visitors have attended the exhibition.











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